About Us



We are professionals dedicated to elaborate conservators and conditioners of high quality and durability. Our elegant designs favor its use in the hospitality industry and homes. Its cutting-edge technology is focused on preserving wines in an optimal way, which allows to enjoy an excellent sensory experience. Our company Cavanova Wine SL, based in Spain, offers a wide range of products related to wine and its conservation.

Cavanova Wine is a company dedicated to the development, design, production and marketing of products for conservation, maintenance, dispensing and proper wine aging. To this day, the wine shops and bar chillers of the brand, they are a more than indispensable product in bars and restaurants. We also offer a line of elegant integrated wine cellars, adapting the finishes to any corner of the home.

Another of the business lines offered by the company is the creation of insitu cavas or custom wine cellars. We have developed state-of-the-art technology for the assembly of custom wine cabinets. The entire process of definition, budget and start-up is carried out by our technicians (engineers, designers, carpenters, electricians…) at the company's facilities. Once the client accepts the budget for the customized cellar, our professionals begin with the manufacture of the same, offering the client the necessary production and shipping times.

In addition to the great quality and design of the products, we use eco-friendly technology helping to conserve natural products and avoiding contamination. This technology is respectful with the environment, avoiding generating a harmful impact for it. Our products contribute to energy saving, reducing the emission of harmful gases and are also biodegradable or recyclable.

One of the most outstanding characteristics of the company, apart from its products, is its service of customer. In our offices we take care personally of all the sales and after sales service. In our facilities the delivery, returns and repairs of the products are made, as well as customer service and information of our products. We generate trust to the client from the first moment, accompanying him and informing him in the whole process of his purchase.

Our products are purchased worldwide, highlighting foreign countries such as Russia, Chile, Mexico where we have distributors, as well as customers throughout Europe. The GS1 code certifies it