Custom wine cabinets

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    El Higuerón Restaurant

    Restaurant with more than 30 years of experience, it has the most privileged views of the Costa del Sol. It has a wine cellar with a large bithermic capacity with wooden interiors and glass details. Thus creating a classic-style winery within which we can choose our favorite wine.

    Private Villa

    Located next to the Las Brisas Golf Course on the Costa de Sol. Its wine cellar is unique, since it mixes classic-style wooden furniture with a modern-style dimmable LED-lit methacrylate bottle display. Adding to it its Nordic-style outlines, it creates a unique space in which wines can be kept and viewed from any angle in the dining room and living room.

    Hotel Unuk (Seville)

    This new Hotel located in the heart of Seville, presents in its restaurant an exhibiting wine cellar with two temperatures. Its island format allows the wines to be visible from anywhere in the restaurant. Thus allowing your guests to choose their wine of preference perfectly tempered.

    Florida Beach Restaurant

    This restaurant and its beach club have a privileged location in the heart of the Costa del Sol. Its shelves mix creative lighting with wooden details, thus creating a separation from the rest of the restaurant with an exclusive table for tastings.