Custom wine cellar design

We are manufacturers of wine cellars or cavas to measure. The projects carried out are personalized for each client, with the guarantee that the design and manufacturing is carried out in our company. Ask for a budget without commitment and we will help you in the process of defining your wine bar.


    1. Find the perfect place For your wine cellar.
    2. Measure the dimensions of the available space, high, wide and deep.
    3. Choose if the wine cellar is for white and red wines, or only for reds. Will have double temperature in the case that it is also destined to the cooling of white wines.
    4. Decide if in addition to normal bottles of wine (750ml), in the vinoteca to measure others will be exhibited as bottles such as Magnum (1.5L).
    5. Shelving material: wood, steel and methacrylate.
types of wine bars

Depending on the available space and distribution, we advise you the best option to take better advantage of the dimensions that exist. In this way we can talk about six different distributions:

    • Docked wine cellar: This type of wine cellars can be adapted to any type of space available since only a smooth wall is necessary.
    • Built-in wine cellar: We speak of a built-in wine cellar when a space is available where to insert it, such as a built-in closet.
    • Corner wine cellar: This type of wine cellar makes good use of the “dead” space in a corner, giving the wines greater visibility.
    • Wine bar between columns: It is usually very useful in corridors of restaurants or homes to take advantage of the arrangement of two opposite columns.
    • Island wine cellar: An island-type wine cellar has the entire refrigeration system on top of it and as it is not surrounded by walls, it gives greater visibility to the wines from the interior.
    • Wine cellar: We can imagine this type of wine cellar in the space of a dressing room. It is a room where creativity in terms of wine distribution can be much greater.

In Cavanova we have the most advanced technology.

More than 15 years in the sector they guarantee the construction process of custom wine bars.

We are manufacturers So from the beginning of the project until its launch, our team of engineers, designers and technicians take care of each of the processes.

Each wine cellar is different from the previous one, we customize according to the needs and we adapt to the characteristics or design that the client requests.

We are up to date with all market trendsor to always offer the latest news.

custom wine cellar Cavanova 2

To make a first design, only the space measurements.

En Cavanova we have a engineering team which makes an initial proposal on the data provided by the client.

The engineering team, together with the design team, facilitates what is more complex for the client, that is, the most appropriate structure for the available space and with the most innovative design.

We conduct modern designs with different materials that are trending in the market.

We offer from small to large wine bars tailored to the space.

We customize any wine cellar to suit the client.

custom wine cellar

Cavanova directs his custom wine cellars to all audiences and anywhere in the Spanish territory.

Among our clients are studies of innovative and promising architects.

The previous proposal of a tailored wine cellar in restaurants, hotels and private homes is presented to some professionals as a key factor in the design of the plans.

Thanks to the multiple possibilities that a custom wine cellar offers, our technicians can adapt to any space.

insulating panel wine bars

Each vinoteca it is refrigerated by an industrial cold equipment formed by a evaporator and a motor unit. We perform the calculations of refrigerators for equipment selection based on the cubic meters available in the wine cellar

The higher the insulation and the better the materials that compose it, the greater the energy savings.

In Cavanova we use insulating panels coated with the best technology to avoid cold losses.

The insulator is placed on the wall to protect it. For radiant floors that give off heat is also installed on the floor of the wine cellar.

El energy saving will depend on insulating materials used in the installation.

Cavanova glazing

In addition to a good insulating on walls it is necessary that the glazing Be prepared to avoid leaks.

We work to offer our customers double and triple glazing in their custom wine cellars, getting a correct maintenance of the cold.

In the manufacture of a refrigerator, you have to take into account the possible fogging of the crystals, so for red wines we advise double glass and for whites triple glazing.

Our expert workshop in custom wine cellars ensures optimum quality in all its manufacturing equipment.

wine engineering

With the measures of the available space our engineers work to offer the client in the shortest possible time a representation through renders and 3D.

In this way a more approximate visualization of reality is achieved and we can move forward in the next step of the process of custom wine cellar.

We guide the client towards the best option for conservation of its wines.

We provide exclusive and modern designs and we adapt to designs already established by the client getting all kinds of materials.

Once the proposal is accepted, proceed to conceptualize the product.

Cavanova shelves

In Cavanova we have all the shelving materials so that the client chooses the most appropriate design.

Our designers will advise about the possibilities of each of the shelves.

Depending on the type of shelving the bottles will show one or another part of it.

For example if you want to be able to quickly visualize the type of wine Who wants to taste, we will offer you the best option for the shelf to show the labels of each of the bottles.

We use materials such as wood with the possibility of painting in our workshop the color you want, stainless steel with different shapes or methacrylate cut to the client's taste.

wooden shelves
stainless steel shelves
wine methacrylate
lighting wine bars

La lighting plays a fundamental role to offer a more environment Warm and modern to design.

We use leds for lower energy consumption.

We have colored LED lights RGB from warm to cold tones.

Special designs for led panels, illuminated walls with different effects.

Dimmable lights.

led panel wine bars
led wine strip

If you are interested in a custom wine cellar, please complete the following form to offer us information and to make a first proposal. If you wish, you can also contact Cavanova by email at or you can contact us at + 34 951 06 29 68.