6 horizontal wine cooler OW6CD bottles (Double Tª)

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  • Capacity for 6 bottles.
  • Double temperature range 3-18ºC / 3-18ºC
  • For bottles of white wines, reds, champagne and magnum.
  • Temperature system by compressor. 
  • Double glazing.
  • Light and Shade led color (white, red and blue).
  • Dimensions 29 x 65,5 x 32,5 cm (AlxAnxFn)
  • Voltage 220 240-V
  • They temper the wine (cool and heat)


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Cavanova Wine presents us the OW6CD, its ergonomic design has made it one of the most advanced bar coolers in the market. Its easy use and high quality of work will improve the level of conservation of wines in your business or establishment. Designed for 6 bottles, with two temperature ranges 3-18º C / 3-18º C that allow to cool and heat the bottles. Thanks to its cooling system does not affect the outside temperature.

The Open Wine chillers are exclusive to the Cavanova Wine company as they have been created by the brand. For its design and manufacture has taken into account the need of the sector to keep bottles of wine open at its perfect temperature, in addition to its ergonomic design and technical characteristics that make our wine coolers, an essential product both in homes and in establishments where the consumption of wine is a usual practice.

Its compressor technology system not only cools, but also favors its temperature if the wine needs to increase it. In this way according to the time of the year, this cooler will use its technology to maintain the ideal temperature in the wine and always be in perfect condition to be served and enjoy its qualities. 

See technical specifications.

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Additional Information

Weight 35 kg

Compressor cold system does not affect the ambient temperature. Ideal for white wines and champagne that need a lower temperature and combine them in the same cooler with reds, since it has two independent temperatures.

Frequency (Hz)



10 cm




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