Rechargeable wine opener | CVA003

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  • Electric corkscrew
  • Paper cutter
  • USB charger.
  • Aluminum finish with transparent base.
  • Red and blue colors according to the opening moment.
  • Dimensions: 23 x 4,5 cm (height x width)


El Cavanova electric corkscrew It is the ideal accessory for meetings, families and parties. Open bottles effortlessly and in a few seconds:

1) Synthetic Cork: 5 seconds.

2) Normal Cork: 7 seconds.

The kit includes paper cutter, usb charger, and electric corkscrew. Everything you need to enjoy your favorite wines directly.

The Cavanova Corkscrew has been designed with a high quality aluminum finish, as well as its transparent base to visualize the extraction of the cork from the bottle, getting an elegant, firm and very pleasant touch.

Cavavanova Electric Wine Opener | The Perfect Gift for the Passionate Wine.


1.Place the corkscrew on the neck of the bottle, let the corkscrew insert into the center of the cork, and press the lower button straight until it stops.

2. Then, press and hold the upper button until the cork is removed.

Box contents:

  • Cavanova electric corkscrew.
  • USB Cable .
  • Aluminum foil cutter
  • Manual.

Product size: - 23 cm height. - 4,5 cm wide.





CVA003 Refillable Wine Opener