Cavanova is one of the leading brands of wine bars that you can find in most restaurants in Spain. Select the most interesting category for your business.

Vinyl with screen printing



A wine cellar is the most luxurious showcase that a professional can have within its establishment, a place to display its most precious and exclusive wines. From Cavanova we want to offer you the possibility of improving that connection, integrating your brand in the wine bar or cooler you choose for your establishment, choosing from a wide range of more than 25 models. You can wear your business in the most attractive way in every way, on the one hand we help you achieve the perfect preservation and temperature to serve your wines, and on the other, to exhibit the brand with which to establish a link with your client.



For more information you can contact our design team through O well to the 951062968 phone. 

* Screen-printed or customized products carry an additional associated cost. Request information here.