Customized wine cabinets

At Cavanova we are highly specialized in the supply of wine racks and furniture related to wine and we have acquired extensive knowledge in this sector over many years in the market that allows us to satisfy the requirements of the most demanding customers.
We furnish wine bars, wine shops, winery tasting rooms and retail stores, we design and create corners in hotels, restaurants, cafes and all the venues that display wine. We started by developing a project based on the distribution of the premises that was then developed by choosing the materials and finishes, concluding with the production of all the furniture, including the lighting system.

we manufacture custom wine cellar
At Cavanova we manufacture custom wine cellars

Design your custom wine cellar

Tell us about your project
  • How many bottles do you want to store, what is your space and style?
Custom design development
  • We make your perfect custom design. Choose from a variety of details and finishes to finish the design to your liking.
Construction and shipping
  • When you finish your wine cellar, we will take it to you or send it perfectly packed

Wine Coolers

A chilled wine cellar is the best way to ensure your wine is stored properly

Find wine cabinets that will become part of your kitchen or living room furniture or hide under the counter. Cavanova has an unrivaled selection of wine cabinets, refrigerators and cabinets with advanced refrigeration technology. A chilled wine cellar is the best way to ensure your wine is stored properly, and these attractive units allow you to display your collection in style. Search refrigerators by capacity, type or brand in our online store. We have expert advice to guide you through the product range and help you choose the right refrigerator for your cellar or space.

  • Wine cellar 163 bottles Cavanova CV180TI

    2.854,39 Add to cart
  • -28%

    4 horizontal wine cooler OW004 bottles

    159,90 Add to cart
  • Wine cellar 154 bottles Cavanova CV180DTI

    2.662,00 Add to cart
  • Wine cellar 104 bottles Cavanova CV120DTI (Double Temp)

    2.417,58 Add to cart
  • Wine cellar 113 bottles Cavanova CV120TI

    2.297,79 Add to cart
  • wine cellar CV028NM

    Wine cellar CV028NM

    539,45 Add to cart
  • -36%

    2 horizontal wine cooler OW002 bottles

    139,90 Add to cart
  • -31%

    6 horizontal wine cooler OW6CD bottles (Double Tª)

    546,00 Read more

The latest models of Cavanova wine cellars

  • CV100KT – 2T wine cellar

    2.668,39 Add to cart
  • Wine cellar CV065KT-2T

    2.272,96 Add to cart
  • Wine cellar CV042KT-2T

    1.919,06 Add to cart
  • Wine cellar CV030KT

    1.390,97 Add to cart
  • CV024KTNS wine cellar

    1.289,23 Add to cart
  • Cavanova CV300T

    4.157,87 Add to cart

 We are world leaders in bar coolers!


We design and export more than 10 different models of bar coolers. Our chillers are present in restaurants, bars, hotels and individuals who love wine and want to enjoy it at the perfect temperature.

More of 50.000 units soldIt's coolers in recent years!

  • -36%

    2 horizontal wine cooler OW002 bottles

    139,90 Add to cart
  • -28%

    4 horizontal wine cooler OW004 bottles

    159,90 Add to cart
  • -31%

    Wine cooler 8 OW8CD bottles (Double Tª)

    579,01 Add to cart

We have everything you need to care for your wines.


Cavanova has a technical service for all its products, offering the customer the peace of mind of buying a product with a specialized technical service.

Why buy in Cavanova?

What does Cavanova offer when buying on its website?

Guaranteed price, product warranty, logistics, technical service and product customization.

Where does my order ship from?

We ship all our products from our headquarters in Malaga. We work with Azkar for international shipments and with the Ramoneda and TDN logistics companies for domestic shipments. If you want to know more about our shipments and destinations please consult here

How is the SAT or technical service of Cavanova?

We manage the collection or shipment of products to SAT: closest to your province for any incident that may have occurred. You can also call us to communicate any maintenance questions about your product to improve its useful life.

Why buy in Cavanova?

In Cavanova we have been serving our customers for 15 years. We offer guarantee on all our products and Technical Assistance Service in any province.

And regarding the price?

On our website we offer the best price guaranteed. For large products such as large wine stores, we offer unique online payment systems such as payment in installments (3, 6, 12 months) with a single click, and without the need to submit documentation through Sequra. You can check that this system is applicable to all products on the web with a purchase price greater than 50 €.

What do I do if I have a problem with my order?

You can contact our Customer Service through our email, or call the toll-free customer service number + 34 951 06 29 68.

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