Wine Cellars

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Cavanova offers an unmatched selection of high quality, technologically advanced wine cellars and wine coolers in a wide range of prices – as well as the expert advice you need to make the right choice. A wine cellar is the best way to ensure your wine is stored properly. 

 Cavanova also offers double-zone wine cellars, with two temperature controlled compartments independently, for a better simultaneous cooling of red and white wines. Wine coolers provide controlled temperature storage for up to 250 bottles.

Cavanova offers refrigerators to suit any need. Versatile designs to fit your lifestyle, including many Wine Cellars that can be built under the counter. A variety of finishes and external materials to perfectly fit your business, with soft interior lighting, security locks, traditional and thermoelectric cooling, and the easy to read LED displays are just some of the other features offered by our wine coolers and beverage coolers .

For more information on capacity, cooler features and storage options, feel free to contact one of our storage experts, who can help you find the right storage solutions for your specific needs.

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